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We create the idal distribution systems for each client

At Fuji Technotransent, we have the innovative ideas to keep your business moving.


Clients tell us what the need...

 ・We need to set up system for importing parts from Europe.
・We need keep tabs on inventory in real time.
・I'm not sure whether to
       pick the goods up or have them delivered.
・We want to complete inspections,
            processing and packaging in the warehouse.         

..and we come up with a plan.


Leave it to us.
We at Fuji Technotrans have the logistics consultants to ensure your
distribution needs are met.


We at Fuji Technotrans view our staff's enthusiasm and relish for challenges - indeed, the defining mindset of the Fuji Technotrans workforce-as emotional capital, a very valuable aset taht we aim to maximize through our staff development programmes.


Any savings we make by minmizing costs are passed on to tha client.

We work hard to set up schemes that benefit us and our customere-a win-win situation!

  • Distridution plan proposal
  • Handling
  • Cost-cutting
  • Savings passed on to the client


Three Rs distribution

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Our eco-friendly "three Rs" methods of distribution help you cut costs and conserve the environment.

  • Logistics Centre

  • R-I / P Terminal

  • R-I / P Terminal

  • R-I / O Terminal

  • Wet-weather Operation Centre

  • Car terminal

Owned facilities and equipment

  • 40t Reach Stacker

  • 30t Forklift

  • 100t All-Terrain Crane